Friday, November 6, 2009

It's been a while

I did not realize how long it has been since I have written on here until I logged on and sa that it was last July! We have not been taking a break from learning, I just have not written.
These days are spent practicing piano, guitar, and perfecting music. I have been painting my house while listening to books on tape. The one that had me mad right now is Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I could just punch Angel Claire in the arm and tell him what I think of him. Tess needs someone to tell her of her worth and that she has the right to be happy, and that she is never alone with a Father in Heaven who is always there for her. I have been listening to that one for free on I have listened to a couple of books from the library that I had to stop and take back. They were aweful, full of things I would never want my kids to hear so I don't want to hear them either. I think I'll stick to the classics instead of some of the stuff that is being written nowadays.
I read The China Study by Dr. Colin Campbell, and Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko. These were both very good books and have influenced the way I am eating and the way I prepare the food for my family. I hope to have us healthier since reading these books.
I am reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoy. This book is another sad tale of marital distrust and heartbreak. Why am I reading so many sad things lately? This book has shown me that adultery has been around for a loooong time. Oh how aweful.
My kids begged to go to public school. We have let them try it out on the condition that if their behavior starts to change for the worse or if any problems start to show up then they can do school at home. So far it has been great, and they still love it. We have a great school here to start with so I would not recommend that everyone try public school. There are things that I still do not agree with in the public schools like wasted time taking attendance, unhealthy school lunches(to my standards), and the wrong kind of social experience, but I am willing to let my kids try it as long as things go well for them. They are all very well aware of this, and I think a couple of them will be back home for next year. We'll see.
So far this year they have done a 4 day trip to Yellowstone National Park, a trip to a dinosaur Museum, and later there is a trip to Cody for the Wild Bill Cody Museum, ski trips, and swimming lessons. They are always coming home with some awesome thing they have done, like seeing live ballet shows, and band shows, free books, and activities that I could not have come up with. I know that there is no learning environment that can beat the home, but this school does do a pretty good job. I just wish there weren't any other kids there;) or just the well adjusted nice ones.
I am giving guitar lessons again, selling Hair Bling, and just got done selling around 50 bushels of apples. It has been busy, but happy.