Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life is an Education

I am seeing that life is an education. You may not receive awards for all that you learn or have initials to put after your name (M.D., P.H.D., etc.)but life is a learning experience.

This week I have been busy learning how to sew with a fantastic lady I know, building garden beds with another fantastic lady I know, and investing time into learning the ins and outs of music recording, lyric writing, and guitar playing.

I have really enjoyed learning the sewing as it is opening up doors to me. Clothes are so expensive, and it is hard to find exactly what I want. Now I can pick out the exact pattern I want, and the exact print I want and go for it! It is freeing.

The garden projects always call to me at this time of year and it is so fun to share what I know with other budding gardeners. It is also fun to do projects with people that you have things in common with. I learn more about gardening each year, and come to love it even more with each new thing I learn. Yesterday I kept exclaiming how happy I was to be out in the sunshine, smelling sage and sawdust, and working with my hands. My senses were on overload.

All of these things won't earn me a degree no matter how hard I study them. I am learning them for my own enjoyment and fulfillment, making me a more well rounded person, and to bring me joy. Life learning brings joy and an education that can't be reproduced.