Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Sabbath

Because of my study on keeping the sabbath day holy I was excited for this Sunday. I had a plan to fast to know better what my mission in life is, and to go to church and participate with my whole soul. I was going to go to choir practice because a few weeks ago in Sunday School the lesson was on the Law of Consecration and I had decided that I would give of my musical talents whenever possible. After Choir I was going to go home and take a short nap that would rejuvenate me, and then study the gospel the rest of the evening. It sounded so wonderful that I guess it was too idyllic. My day did start out well because I got up early and got ready before I woke the kids up. Then I was able to help them get ready without the stresses that Sunday morning can sometimes bring. My meetings were just what I needed, filling my spiritual reservoir with a feeling of unity with my ward family to get me through the next week. My husband does not attend church with me so I can get feeling lonesome for people who believe the same as I. The truths that I heard did speak to my heart ever so more because I had read the lesson in the week before. I now have a testimony of preparing for Sunday school. My 11 year old son also gave a testimony that was so sweet and powerful about praising God for the good things in our lives and knowing that all good comes from Him.
I went to choir and sang some beautiful songs with others who love music. I love music.
My day did not go as planned after that. I got home and found my husband and boys in the backyard with a fire and dutch oven dinner going. They sent me down the street to invite my brother to eat with us, so I went. When I got back I changed my clothes and went out to say hello to my husband, and to see the work he had done on the fire pit. The wind started to blow so I went inside with our youngest boy thinking I could read for a while. Wrong. I was told that dinner would not be complete without brownies, and would I please make two pans? I did so thinking all the while of my Dad who had been on my mind since Relief Society meeting when they were talking about transition and losing important people in our lives. My Dad has not had the best of health and I worry about him.
When dinner was brought in everyone but myself and my youngest boy Josiah, went outside to
eat. Josiah was crying because he wanted to go outside too but I couldn't let him because it was cold outside. I suggested that I could turn the t.v. on for him as a consolation and that fixed it. Our television is rarely on, so it was a treat. We ended up turning on Conference that we had recorded which he fell asleep to, as well as those others who came back in from dinner outside. I snuck out when they were sleeping and wrote my Dad an email.
I am here now writing this summary of my day because I want to make a point that occurred to me. I can plan and plan my education down to what books I want to read and when, but it doesn't mean I am not learning if my nose is not buried in a book. I crave my study time, but like last Tuesday when I chose to play with my kids at the river, there are times when bonding and memories take first priority. I am glad I was able to get my brother over to spend the afternoon as I know he gets lonely. I am glad I could bring smiles to my families face with the good taste of chocolate, and I am glad that I could watch a conference talk to help me know my Savior better. I am also glad that I was able to write to my Dad so that he knows he is important and that I cherish him. All in all it has been a great day; just not the day I planned. I studied the Gospel of Jesus Christ by being attentive to my families needs, lifting those who need to be lifted, and forgetting my own wants for the needs of others. I am in no way boasting. I am just grateful that my day ended up this way. It is now quiet so I think I can go get lost in a book now.:)


  1. I love you Elisa. I am so blessed to have you in my life as my older sister. You are such a great example to me in more ways than you will ever know. Thank you.