Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Extra Chores

For years we have had a system of myself giving extra chores to those who chose not to follow the rules of the house. My nine year old Cody came up with an idea to take it even further which has been so fun and wonderful. I typed up all of the deep cleaning chores for our house in a large font, printed them out, had my 7 year old Tyler cut them up into strips, and put them in a jar. I also made a list of prizes that I was willing to give out. I listed back rub, dollar towards fishing lure, 30 minutes t.v., cup of juice, popsicle, and $1.00. I copied these several times, and also had them cut into strips and put into a separate jar. Now when my kids want a prize they take a slip of paper that has been crunched up from the CHORES jar and do the chore. When I have passed off that it has been done well(according to their age and ability), they can choose another slip of crunched up paper from the PRIZE jar. When a rule is broken I have a jar full of chores for them to take from. It works well to get my deep cleaning done and is teaching them how to do household cleaning, and that if they disobey a rule they will have an immediate consequence. I typed the lists so that when each chore is done the slip of paper is torn and thrown away. Then when the jar is empty and the deep cleaning done, I print the list and start over again.

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