Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Mission

The more I talk about my mission with others the more sure I am of what it is. It is like bearing your testimony when you get up with a vague idea of what you are going to say and then a whole torrent of information comes out of you. You know that what you are saying is what you believe but you hadn't really thought of it in that way before.
A few Sundays ago I was with my Mom in Relief Society. She was visiting because my son had been baptized that week. There was a poster on the wall for a presentation being put on for women. I realized that I could do the same thing for the youth once I have some songs and a real message to convey. I started to tell my mom about it and got choked up the way I do when I feel the truth of something. Since then it has been cemented that I need to move forward and be planning what it is I need to say to the youth.
I heard the talk from Dr. DeMille and have been pondering what my mission is so I will know better what message it is I need to put across.
I feel music coursing through me and need to get it out. I fall asleep with melodies and full orchestra music ringing in my head. I need to be moving ahead and I am doing all I can.
Last night I read about Eric Proffitt having some of the same experiences and I have seen him do some amazing things with his dreams. I know I can too.
I talked to my husband last night and he had some good ideas for me. He counseled me to find lyric inspiration from the psalms. They are full of virtuous ideas, and praises to God that can be used to my advantage. Anything already pleasing to God is only going to be good. I am going to give that a try. I am still studying the lyric writing book so I will try using some psalms in the experiments with writing that I am doing. I am also going to make this writing lyrics business a matter of prayer. I am going to pray before, during, and after I write, so I can have divine guidance in my already guided mission.
I was trying to learn the piano so that I could compose the music behind the Lyrics. I am still going to learn the piano so that some day I can compose and perform with it. Right now I am going to focus on the lyrics and the vocals. I can have someone else help me with the accompaniment. At least that is my plan for today. We will see if there is something else I am supposed to do, but for now I need to have a plan. In the past it has been really easy for me to hear music and write words to it. I have felt that they have been some of my better songs, so I am leary of writing the words first. I've got to go with what I have at the moment I guess.
I had questioned if I could maybe have more than one mission. My sister Kerissa helped me understand better by saying that they are all for one purpose. I think they are all to bring souls to Christ. If I can do that through peace, knowledge, and beauty, then all the more power to me. My husband helped me see that music is very powerful, and could be different things to different people. I will just be prayerful and go with the spirit. I can't go very wrong that way now can I?

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