Thursday, July 9, 2009

schedules and journals

My boys and I have been making marshmallow blow guns to sell at Rendezvous. They have all done very well at sawing through PVC pipe and assembling the guns. It has been a fun project.

I had an epiphany this morning. It has to do with the book Our Home that I have been reading and enjoying. After my run this morning I went to the back yard and began irrigating my garden, pulling weeds, and working on the irrigation rows. It occurred to me for a second that I was messing up my schedule by taking this time. I quickly realized though that natural patterns in life are an important learning tool also. I don't need to plan everything for it to work out. I had a nice talk with my almost 3 year old about airplanes and radishes(which he is hooked on after his first taste today). That talk was completely spur of the moment, not planned, and it was wonderful.

I have a daily compass of what I want to accomplish with the boys. As long as we are doing those things we should be able to take care of other things that come up that might take priority. I didn't have watering the garden in my task list but it did need to be done.

Now to change the subject, I am doing something different with my journaling. I have been writing what we are doing on my blogs and not anywhere else. What if internet fails and I lose everything I have written? Today I copied and pasted all of my blog entries into a word document and printed them out. I have a binder that I keep my learning adventures in so I put the blogs in there. Now I have my journal.

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