Thursday, April 29, 2010

Misunderstanding about my faith

I am reading a fiction book about the 1949 rush to the gold fields. I have been a little disappointed with the lack of morals as I have read and had decided it would not be a book I would want my children to read. It is a Pulitzer Prize winner but I have learned that that accomplishment doesn't have to mean anything to me.

I have found it to be quite accurate on what the people went through to get to California like hunger, indians, thirst, mechanical problems, and so forth, but I have not found it to be accurate as far as the dealings with 'the Mormons'. I was very disturbed by the views that the author had on the LDS religion. It opened my eyes to some of the untruths some people might have because of the misinformation that they might gather from uneducated individuals. You have to get it "from the horse's mouth" so to speak to gather any truth.

This past week I heard of some misunderstandings that my sister in law has about my beliefs. It is hard for me to not go and tell her what I believe. From what I have found so far, whenever I say anything about religion they clam up and don't listen with their spirits - they just get defensive. The only thing I can do is to pray for them and I know that is also the most powerful thing I can do. Praying along with shouting my testimony with the way I live and choose to conduct myself are my plans of action. That can be a daunting task to constantly be aware of how I am presenting myself. I know that people watch people of other faiths to see how their religion really affects them. I know I have been guilty of judging others because I see them professing their faith with their words but not by their actions. It would be easy for me to be judged likewise for I am not perfect, very far from it actually but striving to improve daily. I love my Savior, for he truly is just that, the one who has saved me because I could not do so on my own. I want to have a relationship with him and I know to do that I should do as he has asked me to in the scriptures. Anyway, it is hard sometimes to have a burning knowledge of something and not be able to share because of prejudices that have been formed out of naivete or lack of understanding.

Back to the book. I am almost finished with it and really should have stopped but I am not of the personality to leave something undone like that. Some things take me longer to get to but I do eventually get to them - laundry is one of them.;) I am glad I read it first before turning it over to my son. I will take this experience and learn from it and move on.

Perhaps I have rambled but it sure felt good to get that off my chest!

P.S. I did not put the title of the book because I don't want anyone to waste their time with it.

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  1. You should post the title so we can avoid it.

    I am with you on the amount of misinformation about our beliefs. I find it amazing that people are willing to believe anything about the church except the truth. I believe this is because it is not sensational enough. I agree that living your testimony is important, but so is telling it. It may be hard, but someday (maybe after this life is over) they may ask you why you didn't just tell them the truth. They may not seem to be listening, but they have no chance of hearing if you don't talk. (I am talking really big right now and should follow my own advice more often, just keep praying)