Thursday, February 18, 2010

Home Herbalist

My newest educational path has taken me to the School Of Natural Healing. My sister Kerissa had started on the path and has influence my Mom and my sister Julia in the same direction. We have had a 'get healthy club' for 3 or 4 years where we bounce ideas, inspiration, goals, and encouragement off of each other and it has led us into this path of natural healing and living. Our diets have been refined and our outlook on health completely turned around.

This past couple of months have seen me studying books written by Dr. Christopher and his son, listening to audios, and watching videos on herbs and diet. I have learned much and am propelled even further into the study of health much to the chagrin of my husband. He is not a believer though he tries to be open. My kids on the other hand ask for their cayenne, echinacea, and garlic when they need it. They have opted to eat the Mucusless Diet and have been good examples to their friends and even to me.

Yesterday I took the final quiz to be a certified Home Herbalist and passed with flying colors. The test was so easy because I have been studying this sort of thing for several years now. The only thing that is going to keep me from continuing my education from this school right now is money. Isn't that always the case with me? So many ideas and ambitions and no money. I guess it has taught me to be resourceful.

I am glad to be where I am right now. My family has wonderful health, I am no longer wondering what the best way to feed my family is, I do not have to rely on doctors to prescribe an antibiotic when an earache comes along, and it is freeing. There are some who are sceptic about what I am doing for myself. Some say I am fanatic because I choose to eat very little meat, dairy, refined sugar and flour, and I do not buy food that is processed and packaged. I buy most of my groceries in the produce section and I love it. I have been eating this way for 8 months and have never felt better. I do not need someone else's approval to do what I think is right. Of course I have to cook the occasional roast for my husband and buy him the things he likes to eat, but I can do that for him and still continue on my path.


  1. I am so excited for you that you are done with the course! I can't wait to finish it up, it has been so enlightening! My husband is the same way, with questioning everything I tell him, but he has been doing good too with making changes and seeing the benefits. He lets me prescribe herbs and oils to him when he needs them. lol Its fun!

  2. Awesome, Elisa! Love the herbs and eating clean & green - I've never felt better, either!