Friday, January 31, 2014

Personal Interest Project

Personal Interest Projects are a way to inspire your child to read, research, write and present material to a group. The project can be anything they are interested in from nerf guns to military operations to barbies or history. Every time a project is undertaken a world of learning opens up and skills are learned. No pressuring your child to study has to happen when they are free to dive into something they are already interested in.

Along with learning about something they are interested in, our family rewards this effort with marbles that can purchase things in the home. We have a treat bin with marble prices and t.v. time can be purchased. This keeps motivation high and each facet of the presentation is paid more attention to in the process. 

I have made a screencast of the process of choosing an interest to focus on and how to reward the efforts when the presentation is ready. You can view that HERE

You can download a copy of these lists from my Etsy shop 
or you can take the idea and roll with it yourself. :)

We have loved doing these projects and the kids' Grandparents and loved ones have loved them too because they can keep up on what the kids are interested in and doing. It's awesome:)

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