Saturday, February 1, 2014

Ages 6 to 12 Personal Learning Goals

The ages from about 6 to 12 years old are known in Thomas Jefferson Education lingo as the Love of Learning years. I have learned for myself that these ages are not as self driven to get an education as when they hit puberty around age 12. Three times in my boys I have seen this change(My teenagers). They no longer want to be a little kid and they are ready to work harder at learning. They are then motivated and encouraged by me to make their own schedules and accomplish what they see is needed for their education.


This list is for those kids who have not yet hit puberty and are still needing some incentive to do lessons and things they might not choose on their own. This stage might continue into the older years but I have not seen that when the kids are given choice in their education. I am not an expert, this is just my experience. This list that we use is optional for this stage. They can choose to do each thing on the list or none at all. It is sometimes hard to sit back and allow this free choice, but after some inspiring on your part to do those things that you see them lacking in, you will be surprised at the energy they put into it sooner than later. It goes in spurts. I have also found that when I have great things in the treat bin or if they are into a t.v. series, they are more motivated to do the work it takes to earn those privileges. Right now they are into Star Trek:) We don't allow movies, video games or t.v. (or sugar barring party night) except for when they have earned enough marbles to use them. 

I explain more about our marble system on a screencast about this particular goal sheet HERE.

I have a printable sheet on my Etsy account if you would like to just print this list out. The chart includes reading, writing, math, art, instrument, spelling, and their Personal Interest Project. I don't mind if you use my idea and make your own but it is nice to get a dollar here and there to help pay for our field trips and educational endeavors if you go to my Etsy shop:)    

I am off to take the boys swimming:) Have a happy day! (I think if we choose to have a happy day it is more likely that it will happen than if we wait for a happy day to happen to us.)

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