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Beloved Enos

Beloved EnosBeloved Enos by Denver C. Snuffer Jr.

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I absorbed this book rather than just reading it. It gave me new insights I hadn't considered before, opening my mind to new possibilities. Since reading it I have pondered how I can become more meek. I do have more questions now that I will have to research and pray about considering second anointings, but I love having a direction to put my studies rather than just going with the flow.

I already liked reading Enos' account in the Book of Mormon before reading Beloved Enos, which is why I was excited to read it in the first place. Now I am even more awed by his meekness and love for his people and his enemies. His example is even more precious to me now. Reading about such a great man humbles me but I am glad for that because I think it is a step closer to being the meek and humble person I want to be. I have a ways to go I know. It makes me even more grateful for the Savior's atonement which gives me room to improve. My wrongs are erased through His loving sacrifice and I want to be better because I love Him.

Beloved Enos is probably a book to be read by someone who is already on the path to wanting to follow the Saviors footsteps and who already has a burning testimony of the restored gospel. Without a testimony of a church set up exactly like the church Jesus set up in His day, and that has been followed through the Old Testament with Prophets, Apostles, Pastors, Teachers, and the Priesthood, this book would not be the uplifting experience that I experienced. Beloved Enos is for those who already know and believe the simple truths of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and want to know more.

I am anxious to read Denver Snuffer's other books because I like the way he thinks.

UPDATE 5/3/12
   I do not suggest that anyone read Denver Snuffer's books. I have done some soul searching about the feelings I have had when reading his books, and I feel confident in saying that I do not believe that they are 100% correct. There are things in his books that cause stumblings, and have caused them in people dear to me. Thank goodness some of those people have seen it for what it is and have gone back to their scriptures for truth rather than man's interpretation of truth. I am always led back to the scriptures. I believe that all truth can be taught to us through them. It doesn't take studying imperfect humans to understand the scriptures.
Respectfully, Elisa

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