Monday, February 3, 2014

One Second AfterOne Second After by William R. Forstchen

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So if you want a real world view of what could happen if 3 EMP's were detonated over America, this would be the book for you. If you don't like blood, language, or situations of terror then don't read this book. If you want ideas for how to prepare for war and being cut off from civilization with others in your town, then this book is for you. If you want to believe that nothing like this could ever happen and we don't really need to prepare thoen this book is not for you.

Today as I read the last couple of chapters of this book, sitting in my car waiting for my son to get out of a class, I was a bit embarrassed for who might see me completely absorbed into a book with tears rolling down my face. I was totally connecting with the characters and the struggles they were having to go through as situations beyond our imaginations in our pampered lives went on. I do not know how I would truly handle the starvation, the untrust of those who have been your neighbors, the sorrow, the loss of hope, the inhumane barbarous intent of the starving people you once knew, the disease that can break out, the loss of communication, losing loved ones because of lack of medication and medical care, etc.

We are so blessed and rich here in America. Even the most poor among us have more safety and peace than those in third world countries who even now are living some shadow of the horrors in this book. Even those who are having to beg for food or find it in dumpsters at least have the reassurance that somewhere, somehow there will be food eventually. Not so for some people in this world. Maybe I am naive in that statement. Maybe there are those starving right under our noses.....

One Second After gave me more thoughts on how to prepare for disaster than I had previous. I wish the language could have been omitted, but after hearing from so many people lately that I should read this, I did and I am glad. I would probably keep this book to an adult level and not have my teenagers read it unless I saw great purpose in it for them. I am not one to watch horror movies or anything that I feel takes the spirit away. I didn't feel that this book had that kind of a purpose. It was very educational and inspiring, so if a teen is needing to know this material then it would be o.k. to prepare them for a lot of emotion and questions about how your family is going to be prepared.

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